Friday, March 21, 2014

Love in the Balance

About the book:

Molly Lovelace dreams of being a society lead in 1879 Lockhart, Texas, but being smitten with handsome wrangler Bailey Garner doesn't seem the quickest route. If only he would settle down so he could support a family.

Bailey imagines doing great things for God, but his greatest obstacle is Molly. As long as he thought they'd be married, he excused their stolen kisses, but when she keeps refusing, he vows to earn her love. In town, he tries his hand at several different trades, but everywhere he turns he runs into the mysterious stranger Edward Pierrepont. No surprise that Molly's always making calf eyes at the wealthy adventurer.

As pressure from Molly's parents grows she is forced into a hasty decision. Had she weighed all her options and will she find love in the balance?

My review:

I'll be honest and admit that I read this book before Sixty Acres and A Bride, so I got to know Molly after her infatuation with Bailey's older cousin, Weston. In the first book, Molly's main goal was to gain Weston's attention. In this one, she is more intent on getting Weston's cousin, Bailey, to marry her. He really wants to, but there's a problem: he can't support a wife, and Molly's parents won't approve. To top it off, Molly keeps on pressuring him into finding the right job so that they can tie the knot.

Watching Molly and Bailey struggle with their feelings, thoughts, doubts, and situations was amusing, touching, and frustrating. There were times that I ached for Bailey as he dealt with Molly's situation; you could see his struggle, and how he longed to please God in everything that he did. He had such a heart for God that I couldn't help but grow attached to him. And Molly... well, her character is equally frustrating, if not more so. But I promise, by the end of the book, you'll be rooting for her as a very crazy twist and a seemingly impossible situation plays out!

With equal parts of smiles and seriousness, this is a book that deals with the struggles of trusting the Lord no matter the situation- even if that means letting go of something or someone you've been holding onto for so long. Definitely a fun book!

God bless,

Elyssa =)

*This book is from my personal library

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